Thank you for visiting our website (“the Website”, “we”, “us”, “our”). We are dedicated to the protection of your privacy. This document, our Privacy Policy, outlines the measures we take to collect, use, safeguard, and disclose information from our site’s users and contributors (“you”). Your use of our website signifies your acceptance of these practices.

1. How We Collect Information

Our mission to offer superior services includes the collection of information as follows:

  • Direct input from you: Whether it’s through account registration, newsletter subscriptions, or contact form submissions, we gather personal details like your name, email, phone number, and payment information.
  • Usage data: We capture data on how you engage with our platform, including:
    • Types of devices used
    • Browsing and activity logs
    • Location data
    • The deployment of cookies and similar tech by us and our partners to recognize your browser or device, enhancing your online experience.

2. Our Use of Information

We leverage the information we collect to improve, protect, and customize our services, to innovate, and to keep our website and its users secure. This enables us to present you with content and advertising that’s more closely aligned with your interests.

3. Information Sharing Policy

Your privacy is paramount to us, and we share your personal information with external entities only under these conditions:

  • With your detailed consent
  • For processing requirements through external services
  • Under legal obligations

4. Data Security Measures

To safeguard our website and its users from unauthorized information access or misuse, we:

  • Employ SSL encryption for many of our services
  • Continuously refine our data management and security procedures
  • Limit access to personal information to those within our organization who require it for their work, all bound by strict confidentiality agreements

5. Adjustments to This Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to changes over time. We will ensure your rights are not diminished without your explicit consent. We will announce any modifications here, especially those of significant nature, in a clear and noticeable manner.

6. How to Contact Us

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss our Privacy Policy further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Author Profile

Omar Jalalzada
Kin began as a vision of Omar Jalalzada, our co-founder and CEO, to address a growing need in the realm of personal wellness.

Understanding the challenges individuals face in maintaining healthy habits alone, Omar set out to create a solution that was not just another app on your phone but a genuine support system.

Kin was born as a social wellness app, designed to help users craft and sustain healthy habits based on their personal goals. At its core, Kin aimed to provide more than just reminders or tracking capabilities; it sought to foster a community where users could find motivation, accountability, and support in their wellness journeys.

In 2024, Kin underwent a significant transformation. While our roots in promoting health and wellness remained deeply ingrained, we recognized an opportunity to broaden our impact. Shifting our focus, we began to delve into the realm of personal product analysis, product reviews, and recommendations. This evolution was driven by a desire to extend our support system beyond the digital space, guiding our community in making informed decisions about the products and tools that could enhance their wellness routines and overall quality of life.
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