A dedicated 1:1 coach to help you achieve any goal

Kin is a social wellness app that helps you build healthy habit based on your goals and provide a support system to hold you accountable.

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Why is coaching so effective?

Clarity & Direction
We help you clarify your goals and gives you a path and plan to achieve them.
Time & Focus
We provide the structure to utilize your strenghts to focus and make faster progress.
Results & Outcomes
We help you set measurable goals to work towards each day and week to make progress.
Overcome Procrastination
Your coach will help you identify the obstacles that cause procrastination, and help you overcome them.

Here is how it works!

You’ll get matched with an accountability coach instantly
A 20min onboarding call to better understand your needs
A dedicated 1:1 coach to help you overcome any obstacle
Daily check in to hold you accountable for less than $2 per day